Sung Park

Executive Chef and Master Sushi Chef
Born in South Korea and raised in New Jersey, Chef Sung Park, admittedly, was not originally a raw fish connoisseur. He grew up fishing with his father, and at just 4 years old when he had his first taste of sushi, he was not a fan. His aversion continued for years. It wasn’t until high school that Park developed a taste for the texture and flavors and developed a true appreciation for the complexity of raw fish.

His appreciation continued to grow, and after graduating high school, Park started working at a sushi restaurant as an apprentice where he honed his techniques and knife skills. In 2008, opportunity called out west and Park moved to Las Vegas to become the Lead Sushi Chef at SushiSamba. The popular Japanese fusion restaurant tested Park’s skills, but ultimately furthered his craftsmanship. After nearly five years managing the restaurant’s sushi bar, Park was offered the opportunity to open award-winning Chef Akira Back’s Kumi at Mandalay Bay. Kumi gave Park the ability to continue advancing his Japanese and sushi skills, while incorporating his Korean roots.

In 2016, Park was ready for a change and joined the burgeoning team at Sake Rok, where he developed the sushi menu. Today. Chef Park continues to lead the restaurant’s vibrant fish program, bringing clean, simple yet balanced sushi to diners from around the world.

When he’s not in the kitchen, Park enjoys spending time with family, cooking Korean favorites and taking advantage of the great outdoors.

Bill Lee

Executive Sous Chef
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Bill Lee came to the United States when he was 11 and grew up in Southern California. Inspired by his parents’ display of hard work, Bill decided to put his focus into cooking. He started out by working at a small local restaurant where he spent the first 4 years of his career learning work ethics and knife skills. From there, he got a job at Yellowtail inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino where he learned the art of fine Japanese Cuisine. Bill has had the opportunity to work with many great chefs over the 10 years he's been in this industry, who have inspired him professionally. Their “grind” has helped him grow immensely and show him that hard work really does pay off.

In his free time, Bill enjoys going to new restaurants and trying their different cuisines. He is very passionate about learning different cultures and loves doing so through food. At only 26, Bill is currently the Executive Sous Chef of Sake Rok where he utilizes his skills to create delicious Japanese cuisine.

Will Cahow

General Manager
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