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Roll Call

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After spending years at the helm of sushi hot spots such as SushiSamba and Kumi, chef Sung Park was tapped to create the sushi menu for the most energetic sushi spot on the Strip. Situated just steps from T-Mobile Arena and Park Theater, Sake Rok’s upbeat music, costumes and dance performances have made it a top choice for fun-seeking groups. However, the high-energy atmosphere is not the only draw. The food is just as thrilling at its surroundings, and every Saturday chef Park share some of the secrets of the trade. During the intimate, hands-on experience, guests will learn to prepare the restaurant’s most popular rolls while Park also gives insight into the history of sushi. “I started the ROK n’ Rollin’ sushi classes because I believe learning from an actual sushi chef is the best way,” says Park. “Rolling the perfect sushi roll is all about the technique and not the fancy gadgets you see online.”